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Black Walnut Cutting Board

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Do you want your cooked dishes to be perfect?
Want them to look like the ones made in restaurants?
Well in restaurants they are made by the master chef who has a cutting board that does the magic. And to your surprise, you don’t need to be a master chef to get the same results and magic  in your food because of our ' Walnut Cutting board'.
Our walnut cutting board not only helps you to cut the vegetables or cheese or the meat properly but also makes it easier and faster.
And when you do a thing with great comfort and ease, it eventually becomes a perfection.
This walnut cutting board will take your cutting cooked vegetables, fish, or meat experience to a whole new level.
It dices everything to perfection and slices everything with details by adding magic to your food that you have always wanted.
It’s not just a cutting board for you because you can also use this unique and stylish shape cutting board to serve foods.
Use this as a tray in front of anyone.
You can also use this on microwave oven to bake something delicious.

• The Walnut cutting board is dark in color and made of top-quality wood that compliments your kitchen outlook too.
• A cutting board, tray and centerpiece for dining table at the same time.
• Charcuterie cheese board and tray for your everyday appetizers.
• It comes in two sizes. One is large and another is small.
• It has a strong build which is neither harder not softer. Therefore, it works perfectly for your knife.
• It can be used to cut fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, cooked or non-cooked both.
• It is non-toxic and keeps the bacteria away.

Therefore, if you want to bring full satisfaction to your loved ones or yourself with your dishes or any cooked food
then our 'Walnut Cutting Board' is great choice for you at an affordable price.

Dimensions (Approximate):

Small - 7.5"W x 0.9"D x 13.8"L
Large - 7.9"W x 0.9"D x 16.5"L

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