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Giant Rock Cairns

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Throughout History, travelers have collaborated in building cairns to make the path and collectively navigate new territory.

Today, stone cairns are often used to mark hiking trails or directional markers.
They often point the way home, representing safety, hope, and friendship.
Made of real stones and a steel rod, each cairn stone we use is selected for its unique and appealing aesthetic.

Every single piece is hand-selected from a remote Java Island, Indonesia
to create a calming and peaceful environment.
Perfect for zen garden.

Each piece will vary slightly in size and characteristics.
Slight imperfections are natural in the making process of this hand cut plant holder from natural stone.


Small Giant:7 X 6.5 X 17"H - 40 LBS
Medium Giant:9 X 6.5 X 22"H - 50 LBS
Giant Cairn: 11 X 6.5 X 28"H - 65 LBS

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