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Mini Set of 3 Rock Cairns Sculptures

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The Mini Rock Cairns is here!
We've replicated our popular natural river stones rock cairns and minified them.
These are perfect for your desk or shelf to create your own personal, calm, and peaceful oasis.
These mini rock cairns are made of real natural beach pebbles and river rocks.
These are only sold in a set.
Set includes a Mini Triple Rock Cairn, Mini Quintuple Rock Cairn, Mini Septuple Rock Cairn.

Mini Side to Side Rock Cairn and Mini Stone Arches are sold separately.

Designed to replicate the cairns,
rock towers that traditionally mark wilderness trails,
Cairns often point the way home, represent safety, hope, and friendship
as well as staying on the right path.
So why not express our friendship and love by giving one of our cairn sculptures
with short inspirational thoughts to our close ones.
The stones also add a type of meditation to our hectic life styles and
help us to remember the balance our inner life style requires.

Dimensions (approximate):

Triple (3 Stacked) : 2.5"W x 3.25" H
Quintuple (5 Stacked) : 2.75" W x 5.35"H
Septuple ( 7 Stacked) : 2.5" W x 6"H

*Products may vary in designs, dimensions, and colors as a result of the characters of natural raw materials.
*Shipping to the 48 contiguous states only !

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