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Namaste Jizo Statue

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Shroud your garden in safety and tranquility with our statue of a meditating Jizo.
A protector of travelers and the unborn,
this monk faces down the denizens of the underworld with warm mantras and a warmer smile.
Molded from 100-percent volcanic ash, this rustic piece features the monk’s obscuring robe and a soft, heavenly expression.
With a smooth silhouette, and powerful symbolism, Jizo will quickly make any garden feel like home

The perfect little statue for any Zen area in your home,
on the shelf, on a windowsill, on your desk…and can go just about anywhere!
This makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

Dimension (Approx) :
6'' W x 3'' D x 8'' H = 4-5 LBS

Made out of Volcanic Ash and Cement Mixture.

Jizo is the great and beloved protector of women, children,
and those who are challenged with a life problem or physical affliction.
They are also considered protectors of travelers, both on physical and spiritual journeys.

Jizo embodies the qualities of courage, unflagging optimism, and benevolence,
and the Bodhisattva vow to free all beings from suffering.

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