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Reclaimed Teak Root Mushroom Stools

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Impressive hand crafted Teak Mushroom Stools beckons one and all to come sit and rest awhile.
The piece of stunning root furniture is made from reclaimed teak root that have been carved by master hands.
It creates a uniquely regal focal point in the landscape, it's an eclectic piece that melds with- and complements many styles.
Considering no piece of reclaimed wood is the same, each of our hand carved mushrooms are uniquely beautiful and stand out as a natural one-of-a-kind work of art.
Whether you have a modern, rustic or classic home décor this table will easily mesh with any design style.


Small: 12" D x 13"H
Medium: 17"D x 8"H
Large: 20" D x 20"H

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