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River Stone Bowl - Bird Bath

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Enjoy this beautiful Natural River Stone Bowl.
Each piece is hand-created by a local artisan in Indonesia.
These River Stone Bowls are carved out and then polished by only using sandpaper and water until it reaches a nice smooth polished inside.
Another plus it also comes with a foam setting under the bowl to avoid scratching your table surfaces.
These bowls have not been regulated by the FDA;
however, our bowls don’t hold any chemicals nor are used when created.
The end result is a captivating and sustainable material ideal for both functional and decorative purposes and perfect as a centerpiece.
Some of our customers also use as a birdbath or pet's water bowl.

*Products may vary in designs, dimensions, and colors as a result of the characteristics of natural raw materials.
*Shipping to the 48 contiguous states only! 

Large - Approx. 10-12"L 
X Large - Approx. 13"-15"L 
2 X Large - Approx. 16-17"L 
3 X Large - Approx. 18-19"L 
4 X Large - Approx. 20"+ L 

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