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Rock Cairn Water Fountain

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Nothing calms and soothes like the soft gurgling of brook water.
We've captured that meditative music in our cairn fountain.
Representing safety, hope and friendship,
cairn stones have been used by cultures around the globe for centuries.

Each stone in the cairn fountain is carefully selected and secured to the base,
which is made of a steel rod completely hidden within the design aesthetic.
As the water slowly dances its way down to the stones,
their true colors are revealed.
Rock-solid in construction, the meditative sound of the water flowing gently over each stone will carry you away to another place.

Our fountain is out of Natural river stone!
Even the base is our of natural river stone! We hollowed out from the large river stone!
It also includes a pump and all you need is water and plug it in!

 Dimensions (approximate):

10" W x 9"D x 12" H - 30-35 LBS - 5 Stacked Fountain 35-40 LBS
14" W x 12"D x 16" H - 40-45 LBS - 7 Stacked Fountain 40-45 LBS

*Heavy, substantial fountain comes with 1 recirculating pump and instructions.

*Shipping to the 48 contiguous states only!


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