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Wind Chime Raindrop Butterfly w Recycled Glass

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Let this Butterfly silhouette “Fly” around your backyard or porch.
This Wind Chime features the shape of a Butterfly with soft aqua and white recycled glass to bring tranquility.
We designed our butterfly chime for the one who enjoys a whimsical, peaceful /meditative tune.
The sound effect is a melodious soothing tone; you will be relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sound.
With a crisp, clean look, these pieces will add the finishing touch your garden needs!

Our Recycled sea glass combines the beauty of the natural world, with the care for conserving our planet’s natural resources.
Tumbled for days to restore its natural beauty, our recycled sea glass is sourced from the remnants left behind by glass manufacturers.
The end result is a captivating and sustainable material ideal for both functional and decorative purposes.

Handmade from Bali, Indonesia.
Each piece will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Dimensions (approximate):
Small = 12"W x 1.5 x 16"H
Large = 18"W x 1.5 x 22"H

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