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Bring a touch of nature's harmony to your garden or patio with these beautiful glass and river rock cairn stones. Handcrafted in Indonesia using sustainable recycled glass and unique river rocks, each cairn is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


More than just decoration, cairn stones hold a rich history of symbolizing safety, hope, and friendship. Used by cultures around the world for centuries, these balanced rock sculptures add a sense of tranquility and peace to your outdoor space.


Why Choose Our Glass and River Rock Cairn Stones?


  • Crafted with Care: Made from a combination of real stones, recycled glass, and a steel rod for stability, each cairn stone is meticulously chosen for its unique beauty and visual appeal.
  • Sustainable Materials: Our captivating recycled sea glass is sourced from remnants left behind by glass manufacturers, combining the beauty of nature with eco-friendly practices. Tumbled for days, the sea glass regains its natural luster, creating a sustainable and visually striking element.
  • Harmony for Any Space: Whether placed in your garden, patio, porch, or yard, these cairn stones add a touch of serenity and natural elegance to your outdoor décor.
  • Variations to Admire: Due to the inherent character of natural materials, each cairn stone boasts unique designs, dimensions, and color combinations. This ensures you receive a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Available Sizes (approximate):

  • Nonuple: 12 inches
  • Septuple: 10 inches
  • Quintuple: 8 inches


Bring a piece of tranquility and eco-conscious beauty to your outdoor space. Order your handcrafted glass and river rock cairn stones today!

Balanced River Rock and Glass Cairns

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