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Embrace the Natural Beauty of Reclaimed Handcrafted Gathered Teak Wood - This handcrafted table, meticulously crafted from reclaimed teak branches, brings a touch of rustic elegance and eco-conscious style to your home or garden. Each piece is unique, showcasing the natural variations in wood grain and texture, making it a one-of-a-kind conversation starter.


More than just a table, it's a versatile platform for:


  • Displaying greenery: Use it as a plant stand to elevate your favorite potted plants or create a mini indoor garden.
  • Showcasing personal treasures: Arrange picture frames, candles, decorative figurines, or other cherished items to personalize your space.
  • Adding a touch of nature: The organic form and reclaimed wood brings a natural element to any setting.


Sustainable Choice:

By choosing reclaimed teak, you're supporting eco-friendly practices and giving new life to salvaged wood.


Approximate Dimensions:

  • Diameter:16"
  • Height:18"


Invest in a piece of handcrafted artistry and sustainable style. Buy now!


Please note: Due to the handcrafted nature and use of natural materials, each table may vary slightly in size, color, and grain pattern, adding to its unique charm.

Handcrafted Gathered Teak Branch Table Stand

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