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Embrace the Untamed Beauty of Nature: Hand-Carved River Stone Bud Vase

Awaken your senses with the organic charm of this unique bud vase, hand-carved fromgenuine river stones sourced from the shores of Java Island, Indonesia. Each piece embodies the untamed beauty of nature, boastingone-of-a-kind variations in size, shape, and color. Unlike mass-produced ceramics, these vases celebrate the imperfections and individuality found in natural materials, bringing atouch of raw eleganceto any space.


  • Asingle, delicate bloomcradled in the smooth curves of the stone,its vibrant hues accentuated by the earthy tones of the vase.
  • Atiny bouquet of wildflowers,gathered on a nature walk,finding their perfect haven in this rustic vessel.
  • This unique piecegracing your mantelpiece,adding aconversation-starting accentto your living room.
  • Or,let it bask in thewarm glow of the sun,adorning yourpatio or gardenwith a touch of natural flair.

More than just a vase, this is a piece of art:

  • Crafted by skilled artisans,each stone undergoes a meticulous hand-carving process,highlighting its natural beauty.
  • Durable and weather-resistant,this vase is suitable for bothindoor and outdoor use,allowing you to enjoy its charm year-round.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly,it celebrates the raw materials gifted by nature,minimizing environmental impact.

Available in two sizes (approximate):

  • Small:5"H
  • Large:7"H

Embrace the unique variationsthat make each vase a true masterpiece. The image shown is a representative sample, and your piece will arrive with its owndistinctive character, whispering stories of the river that shaped it.

Order your River Stone Bud Vase today and bring a touch of untamed beauty into your home!

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Hand Carved Natural Stone Bud Vase

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