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Embrace the Beauty of Nature's Resilience:

This exquisite handmade swimming turtle is a unique piece of art, hand-carved from sustainable parasite wood by skilled Indonesian artisans. Each turtle is a one-of-a-kind creation, showcasing the natural variations and imperfections that make handcrafted pieces so special.

Sustainable and Unique:

Parasite wood comes from a naturally occurring growth that attaches itself to trees, like the chinaberry tree. When the tree dies, the parasite wood remains remarkably durable, offering a sustainable material for beautiful art.

Handcrafted with Care:

Our skilled artisans in Bali meticulously hand-carve each turtle, capturing its graceful form and playful spirit. No two turtles are exactly alike, ensuring you own a truly unique piece of art.

Add a Touch of Nature's Charm to Your Home:

This charming swimming turtle makes a delightful addition to any home decor. Display it on a shelf, mantelpiece, or desk to bring a touch of nature's beauty and artistry into your space.

Product Details:

  • Material: Sustainable parasite wood
  • Hand-carved by skilled artisans in Bali
  • One-of-a-kind design
  • Approximate dimensions: 5-6" W x 6-7" L
  • Perfect for nature lovers, art enthusiasts, and collectors
  • Makes a thoughtful and unique gift

Order yours today and bring a touch of handcrafted artistry and sustainable beauty into your home!

Unique Handmade Swimming Turtle - Sustainable Parasite Wood

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