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Hand-Carved Inukshuk for Your Home or Garden

Each of our Inukshuk is a unique and beautiful piece, hand-carved from natural stones on the beautiful island of Java, Indonesia. Due to the natural variations in the stones, there may be slight differences in color, dimension, and design, ensuring you own a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Inuit tradition tells us Inukshuk serve many purposes. They can act as markers, guiding travelers on their way. They can also serve as memorials or protectors. In many cultures around the world, cairns (stacked stones) are seen as symbols of hope, safety, friendship, and guidance. The calming presence of stone is also said to promote meditation and reflection.


A Special Piece for Your Home

Displaying an Inukshuk in your home or garden is a wonderful way to connect with these powerful symbols. These sculptures can serve as a reminder to stay on the right path in life, to find comfort and peace, and to cherish the journey.


Approximate Dimensions: 4"W x 7"H


Bring the beauty and symbolism of the Inukshuk into your home! Order yours today!

Inukshuk Hand Carved Stone Cairn Sculpture

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