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Recycled Glass Raindrop Butterfly Wind Chime

  • Recycled Sea Glass

    Combines the beauty of the natural world, with the care for conserving our planet’s natural resources. Tumbled for days to restore its natural beauty, our recycled sea glass is sourced from the remnants left behind by glass manufacturers.

  • Stones

    Stones come from our production site in Java Island and they are naturally worn out and picked by ocean waves for thousand of years which makes them even more meaningful. The vines on the stones surface is a trace of Great Mother Nature's work for thousands of years.

  • Driftwood

    The driftwood used in our product is hand-collected by village artisans in Indonesia after it has washed ashore. Striving to maintain the natural beauty of our materials, our driftwood products celebrate the imperfections and uniqueness of each individual piece.

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About Us

Awesome Stones opened in 2013, in California..

Our stones & products are hand-picked from the shores of Java Island, Indonesia, they have an organic beauty that is impossible to replicate. Shaped with the expert craftsmanship that you only see from mother nature, each stone is unique.

At Awesomestones, we have exactly what you need to provide the natural elegance that your home and garden desires. Make your home and garden warm and inviting.